Adventure in Northern MN // Part 1

We LOVE to go to the North Shore. We have a good friend that is the Assistant Ranger for Recreation and Wilderness for the Superior National Forest. Not only is he a great host he’s also a great tour guide. Every time we visit we are taken on a new adventure. This first post is a visual tour of an old Radar Base used during the Korean War on top of Lookout Mountain in MN.

“The Finland Air Force Station, located in Lake County, was a self-contained community that could continue to function if it was cut off from the outside world. Opening in November 1951, the 163-acre station operated radar surveillance until its technology became obsolete and the base closed on June 15, 1980.”  Duluth News Tribune

Without knowing it’s history, this “neighborhood” would look like any run-down housing in any city in the US. However, upon further inspection it starts to have an unnatural, strange, nuclear test site feel.  Everywhere you look there is evidence of people having lived there. These houses, some of them, fully furnished were left like the owners just ran out for a quick errand and would be right back. It feels like everyone just disappeared all at the same time 20 years ago. Why was it left so abruptly? I do have one idea. It is now considered a Superfund site and is being monitored by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency due to high levels of soil and water contamination. Click here for more info. Maybe everyone was told their things were contaminated and to not worry about taking them to their new houses? I’m not sure, but I do know this would make a great backdrop for a scary movie.

It now sits vacant and totally irresistible to people like me that want to explore a place forgotten by time and try to envision what life was like for all the people that once lived here.

Part 2: Coming up…”Places you can’t miss on your next trip to Lutsen”