Easy way to store those Christmas Cards

What do you do with all those beautiful Christmas Cards after the Holidays?

Sure you can search the internet and find a ton of ways to re-use cards and get more crafty like binding them into books etc. But since I neither have the time nor the interest..lol..I do this one simple trick.

Here is my lazy easy way to organize and store Holiday Cards.

When it’s time to take them down I simply wrap them in bakers twine (ribbon would also work). I look for a card with the date on it or use a present tag and add the year and then put them in a shoe box.


Keep scrolling to see how I displayed the photos and then tucked them away all in one place!


I hang all of my Christmas Cards with string and removable command strips.

I use tiny clothes pins for quick display.

The clothes pins and the bakers twine are from the dollar spot at Target.

❤️ Love these amazing cards from my clients! ❤️

*Tip: I throw out the commercial cards (which tend to be the biggest) to keep the bulk down.

If I’m being extra crafty I even trim down the sides of some of the biggest cards to keep them all the same size and fit better in the shoe box.

This year with the big remodel I’m skipping this step since they all still fit in the show box along with the hanging supplies.

My kids and love looking back at the cards each year. It’s like a little time-capsule.


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