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It is no secret that I LOVE taking photos outdoors of people doing outdoorsy things. From hiking through rugged trails to paddle boarding on serene lakes, there is something magical about capturing those moments where people connect with nature. The interplay of natural light, the raw emotions, and the breathtaking backdrops make outdoor photography an exhilarating experience.

But it’s also no secret that I’d love to have an outdoor company call me up and tell me they need me to photograph their next outdoor ad campaign. Imagine the excitement of being the creative director for an ad campaign that involves being outdoors and on location. Talk about a dream come true!

Luckily, I have the pleasure of practicing my craft every time we go out of town. Summer on our island in Canada was made extra special this year when our kids brought their friends for the first time.

Whenever we retreat to our family cabin, I see a new adventure unfolding. I am driven by the need to capture authentic moments, often infused with nostalgia. I love weaving stories that celebrate the warmth of family bonds and the timeless charm of our rustic retreat.


  1. Unpacking/Packing -it’s not glamorous but it is a HUGE part of the story.
  2. Your vehicle -years later you will thank me.
  3. Preparing meals -window light is gorgeous for capturing natural light on faces.
  4. Handwritten notes -our loved ones handwriting as well as what they wrote is story-telling at its finest.
  5. Album cover -create your best album cover with the group you have. Recreate one or make your own.

I have to admit, I thought of most of these after leaving and have not taken them yet myself. I will update when I do! I am grateful for the opportunity to spend quality time spent at our cabin, surrounded by our loved ones and the great outdoors.

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