12 Days of Drinking -Day 3

Malted White Russian

Serves 1 

2 oz Vodka

1 oz coffee liquor

1 oz half and half

1 Tablespoon malted milk powder

Add the vodka, coffee liquor, half and half,

and malted milk powder to a cocktail shaker.

Stir to dissolve the malt powder.

Add ice and shake vigorously until well chilled.

Strain into a low glass. 


The addition of the malted milk powder to a white Russian makes it really feel like a special occasion.  Even better, toasting this cocktail at sunset by the lake brought up all the warm memories of a summer happy hour.


*Substituting the Vodka with Aquavit also pairs well with the coffee and malt flavors.


**Recipe from: Camp Cocktails, Easy, Fun & Delicious Drinks For The Great Outdoors, by Emily Vikre 

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