12 days of Drinking -Day 4

Fire Punch 

Serves 10 to 12

3 lemons

1/2 cup granulated sugar

16 oz brandy

10 oz overproof rum

16 oz strong brewed black tea, cooled

32 oz pineapple juice

freshly grated nutmeg, for garnish (optional)

lemon wheels, for garnish (optional)

* you can use just rum or brandy to streamline the recipe.

Remove the peels, with no white pith, from the lemons using a vegetable peeler. In an enameled Dutch oven or a heatproof bowl, rub the lemon peels into the sugar with your fingertips. Set this aside for 30 to 60 minutes to let the sugar pull the citrus oils out of the lemon peel. Juice the lemons and set the juice aside. Next, stir the brandy and the rum into the sugar and lemon peel mixture. Using a long-handled metal spoon, scoop up a spoonful of the alcohol. Carefully use a long match or lighter to light a spoonful on fire. Then, gently lower this into the mixture to start the whole bowl on fire. Then, gently lower this into the rest of the mixture to start the whole bowl on fire (it may take a minute of holding the spoon of fire just partially submerged to get the rest of the spirits to catch fire). The fire will burn a white-blue, rather than yellow. Sit back and enjoy the heat and glow of your fire for 1 or 2 min, then use a pot lid to over the fire and put it out. Take off the ligand pour in the tea, pineapple juice, and reserved lemon juice. Add some ice and allow to chill for a minute. Garnish with a fresh grating of nutmeg and some lemon wheels.


**Recipe from: Camp Cocktails, Easy, Fun & Delicious Drinks For The Great Outdoors, by Emily Vikre 

We found trying to start the drink on fire using a match too hard.

A lighter was much easier.

Once it starts it really gets going.

We had fun starting the drink on fire in our backyard and letting neighbors wonder what we were up to.

On these cold days it puts out a lot of heat and keeps you warm while you wait for the alcohol to burn off.

To put out the fire just put the lid on.

Careful it will be hot as you remove the lid.

Adding pineapple juice will give it a a tropical kick.

The recipe calls for ice..but I think you could also pour these into mugs and keep the warmth of the drinks if you are drinking outside..however it may be a bit stronger.

What can be more fun than a drink that you set on fire?

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