12 Days of Drinking -Day 10

Quickie Gin and Tonic

You don’t actually need a recipe book for a G + T as Emily points out in her “Camp Cocktails” book. Its one of the easiest drinks to pull together. But I do recommend trying one of these amazing cocktail kits from Vikre.  I so wish they could ship them because I could have bought so many as gifts. They have the best names like “ Murder Hornet” , “Swedish Son  Cone” and “Donner and Blitzen”.  All made with everything you need to make the perfect cocktail. Unfortunately because the ingredients are fresh they don’t ship well.   If you are planning a trip to Duluth you should definitely make a stop! My favorite so far is Vikre’s Boreal Cedar Gin from their Gin and Tonic Cocktail Kit. 

Serves 1

1 Fill a tall glass with ice.

Add 1 1/2 oz gin

3/4 oz simple syrup

Top with Soda or bubble water (if you’re feeling frisky)

Squeeze a fresh lime or lemon wedge into glass

Add cherries to make it holiday inspired



**Recipe from: Camp Cocktails, Easy, Fun & Delicious Drinks For The Great Outdoors, by Emily Vikre 

This is just one of the many fun and inspiring cocktail kits! Perfect for gift giving or just to pickup on your way to the North woods.

I’m in love with their recipe book. Not only does it have great recipes the photos are wonderfully crafted as well.

Winter or summer the G + T is always my go to cocktail.

Use a festive glass, add cherries or even Cranberry Ginger Ale to give it that extra holiday feel.


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