12 Days of Drinking -Day 11

Smoked Old Fashioned

Let’s talk about fire, ice and smoke. All of these elements make a really beautiful and tasty cocktail. 

Serves 1

1 Fill a tall glass with ice.

Add 2 oz Rye or Bourbon Whiskey

3/4 oz simple syrup (optional)



I don’t have a recipe per se. I watched a neighbor make this while I was doing a shoot for the Sangria recipe and thought this was such a fun twist to the classic cocktail, I had to add it here. Plus, I love the use of fire into any recipe.

Mix your Old Fashioned in a metal shaker.

Whatever your favorite recipe is for an Old Fashioned it will work for this technique.

Light the wood chips.

Make sure the wood chips are on fire and let them burn a little.

Cover the wood chips with a glass to smother the fire and produce the smoke for the drink.

The longer you leave the glass over the wood chips the more the drink the stronger the smoke flavor.

Experiment with different types of wood and leaving the smoke for different lengths of time.

Look at how beautifully the glass fills with smoke.

Finally drop the chips into the alcohol in the shaker.

Using a strainer, pour over ice.

Finish off with your favorite garnish.


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